Forbes Magazine: World’s Most Powerful…

Work through the following activity on your own or with a partner – but write your own detailed and thoughtful responses in your folder. Numbered questions are the ones you need to write a response to in your folder.

How do you define ‘power’?

Spend a few minutes putting down on paper your own thoughts on a definition of power:

  1. How would you define power in your own words?
  2. What factors or resources contribute to a person’s level of power? Make a list of things that can give a person power.
  3. Make a list of 3-5 people that you think are amongst the most powerful in the world.

World’s Most Powerful – according to Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine is a highly respected and successful business magazine. It’s probably best known for publishing annual “top 100” lists of the world’s most wealthy, most powerful, etc.

  1. What 4 “dimensions” did Forbes use to compile its list of the world’s most powerful people?
  2. Do you agree that these 4 dimensions are important for ranking a person’s level of power?
  • Pick a single person from one list or the other and read their profile. In your folder summarise the information, especially the “assets” that contribute to their power status and details about what sort of power they have, and over whom. Does it describe what they’ve done with their power?