Saladin, born Salāh ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb was an Iraqian man who took over the Frankish nations for the Muslim and Arab movement. While he took over Jerusalem and defeated the Crusaders, he was also respected by them. They saw him as a perfect example of chivalry. While he conquered many countries, such as Damascus and Homs,  he was  extremely loyal. He obeyed the teachings of Islam no matter the cost and was very honorable in victory.

His road to fame wasn’t all easy.  He even had to fight a war against his own people. While he was out fighting a war, his own ally started spreading rumors that Saladin was disobeying the Islamic teachings. Saladin then ended the siege he was in and won a battle against the Crusaders. He had lots of forms of power. He had power as the leader of his country, power as the leader of the military and physical power. He was also very loyal toward his fellow Muslims. When he was trying to take over Jerusalem, the leaders gave him terms of surrender, but only if certain condition were met. He originally refused, but agreed post-haste when Jerusalem said that it would massacre all Muslims currently living there, 5000 at the time, and destroy all monuments to Islam.

All in all, Saladin used his power for good. He was a much respected leader who was considered by his enemies as a good example of chivalry. Is there really anything else that needs to be said?

– by Conor Wharton, 10ENG