Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States, and is the first African American to be in charge. The sort of power that Barack Obama has is that he is president of the United States of America; he can send the country to war. He can rule over everyone in America, change laws and do what he believes is right. Obama’s power can be very influential and helpful to people around the world. It is a power that is not bad or monstrous, it is a power that he uses for good, to the best he can.

Barack Obama got his power being a democrat; he had represented Illinios in the United States Senate from 2005 to 2008, which he later had been elected to the U.S senate. He than beat Senator John McCain, in the 2008 Presidential Election and served 2 years in the U.S Senate, before running for president. He was brought into become president by John Roberts, chief justice of the U.S. In Obama’s first address he listed the challenges the nation faced, including such things as economy, political congestion and overseas conflicts. He became president of the United States on the 20th of January, 2009 and also won the Nobel Peace prize that year.

Some specific outcomes of Barack Obama’s use of his power is that he signed a $787 billion economic stimulus bill that was meant to shore up an economy reeling from high service and dropping financial markets. A law called the American Recovery, were included Investments that Obama did for education, energy, science and transportation projects, and also included tax cuts and extended unemployment benefits. The outcome Barack Obama hoped it would be, is that it would create or save 3 and a half million jobs within 2 years. He also called for a withdrawal of up too 100,000 troops, but allowed up to 50,000 troops to remain in Iraq through 2011,  by the 31st of August 2010 in which he said all U.S combat operations in Iraq would stop and many other things. These outcomes were for good, Obama is trying to do the best he can as president of America to please the citizens of that country, and the outcomes have been good enough.

No, Obama does not show signs of being corrupt, but many people may want a different president to Barack Obama as they believe that he does show signs of being corrupt and that it needs to change. Really though, he is just doing his job of being the leader of America. He does seem like he is very confident in his own abilities and does what he believes is right, and doesn’t display anything that makes him seem dishonest. Obama has very good intentions, nothing monstrous or bad about him, he isn’t selfish or greedy, and he puts people before himself after having a tough up bringing. He does things in a way in which he reckons the government or people want things done.

Overall Barack Obama is a very nice and good person, who influences on society in America and on the world. Although things may not always turn out completely how he had planned, I’m sure he tried his absolute best to do what he can. A good person is someone who has a positive and good effect on others and improves their society and in which benefits others. With Barack Obama, this definition fits very well.

– by Matt Tabone, 11ENG