Black Panthers

The Black Panther party for self defence was a group founded in the 1960s, to protect black people in America from oppression and injustice to the blacks by the whites. The party had an agenda- to establish real economic, social, and political equality across gender and colour lines in America.

The original 6 of the group

They got their theoretical foundations from the late Malcolm X; they believed in fighting for what they wanted (equality). They also believed in partaking positive social services; also something from Malcolm X’s practices.

The group’s power was that they stood up against authorities like the police, in order for their black friends to be able to be treated equally. The influence they had was that they carried guns and weapons to defend the blacks; this gave them a strong physical presence. Just by being around the blacks and carrying their guns prevented people, including the police, from messing with them. Rarely did they have the need to fight, but this did occasionally happen. They were not corrupt; their goal was not financial gain. They used their power for good purposes-to ensure that the blacks got their share as well and were treated equally. Their interests were for the best of the blacks in America, and they were angry that there was no equality. This is why they did what they did.

Overall, the Black Panthers used their power for good; for the rights of the black people of America. They influenced the lives of the black Americans in a good way, and helped them achieve equality, by standing up for them and ensuring that they were treated equally.
They were heroes to the blacks, and they helped shape America’s history as to the way it is today.

– by Eddie von Moger, 11ENG