Kate Middleton

Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Phillip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Stonem, Baroness Carrickfergus. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton. No matter what people know her as, everyone knows her. The recent princess is one of the world’s most watched people. If she gets married in a lace covered dress with a nine-foot train, thousands of people rush to get their own lace covered wedding dress. If she goes to the supermarket pushing her own trolley wearing a green cardigan, millions of women go shopping the next day in a green cardigan, pushing their own trolley. Catherine may not be the founder of a massive worldwide company, and she most definitely is not an evil man with a particular interest in genocide, but she still has a lot of control, a lot of power in her tiny palms.

After a quick search on the internet you can find out almost everything you could ever want to know about Catherine. What outfit she wore yesterday, what charities she supports and what diet she did before her wedding. She has the eyes of almost every media organisation on her, all the time. Everything she does is scrutinised and shoved in the public’s face. Her position in the English royal family means that everything she does is then taken and people model themselves after it. When people are taking everything a person does and modelling him or herself around it, the person in the spotlight has a lot of power in their hands. Catherine knows the power she has over people, and every aspect of their lives. She continues to maintain a near perfect reputation and hasn’t done anything silly since she was in high school, therefore using the power she has for good and nothing less.

Catherine, or at the time Kate Middleton, had a crush on someone in her dorm at University. That someone was Prince William, who had a crush on her too. Soon enough, they were in love and Catherine was being hailed as the future Mrs William. From that moment she was being watched, thus having a lot of power. It wasn’t a choice thing, or something she worked overly hard for, but something that resulted from her romance with a prince.

Purely in existing the way she does, not stepping out of line and always holding herself in a majestic manner, Catherine is using her power for good and only good. If she decided that she would act horribly in public and dress in scanty clothes, then perhaps she wouldn’t be using her power for good but instead bad or evil.

– by Cassie Burge, 10ENG


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