Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory  born in 1950, and was a member of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Hungary. her family had powerful and wealthy member who controlled entire countries, such as the lands controlled by Stephen Bathory (her uncle). As a young girl Elizabeth was surrounded my many servants and peasants who constantly fulfilled her needs, this gave her great power and control. At the age of 5 she began experiencing violent seizures, caused by an unknown neurological disorder. This could possibly have led to her horrid behaviour during her older life. As a child she also experienced horrific torture of a gypsy.

At the age of 11 Bathory married 16 year old Ferenc Nadasdy. Ferenc was a warrior and wasn’t often around, this led to Elizabeth alone in their castle. Here at the castle she managed the family seat and “the task of disciplining the servants”. One particular harsh punishment would be sicking “pins into the upper and lower lips of the girls, and under their fingernails”. Another punishment involved girls being dragged out into the snow, where she or a women servant poured cold water on them until they froze to death.

In 1600 Count Ferenc died, this was when Elizabeth’s true slaughters started. In an incident where a young servant girl was brushing Elizabeth’s hair. After pulling a bit too hard, in a momentary rage Elizabeth hit her against the face drawing blood. Elizabeth noticed after washing her hand the patch of skin where the blood was looked white and creamier, and believed she had found the secret to eternal youth.

Beginning at the age of 30, Elizabeth started capturing and torturing young women. Teenagers and women in their twenties were swept off the streets throughout villages around the castle and were locked in Bathory’s dungeon. These girls became Elizabeth’s servant girls and slaves. She drained their bodies of their blood and bathed in it, believing that it would help her reclaim her youth. She drained their bodies of their blood and bathed in it, believing that it would help her reclaim her youth. But Elizabeth didn’t get blood in any way that we would recognize today. She preferred to do it a bit more earthy-like. To get the blood that she wanted, she mercilessly tortured and killed hundreds of girls and young women, cutting them open, locking them in cages, flogging them to death or mutilating their bodies.

When the castle was raided in 1610, the governor found over 50 bodies in the castle alone. And another 30 in a cavern where the blood was kept. The death toll due to Elizabeth’s insanity rose and exceeded 650 girls. Bathory was locked up in a bricked-off part of the castle and died in 1614.

– by Georgie Burn, 10ENG


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