Cleopatra VII was the queen of ancient Egypt, last member of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the last ruler of Egypt.  Her full name ‘Cleopatra Thea Philopator’ which plainly means ‘the Goddess Cleopatra, the Beloved of Her Father’. She came to co-rule with her Father King Ptolemy XII Auletes, even though she had two older sisters.

She was the first person in her family for over three hundred years to learn fluently Egyptian, as well as Greek despite being Macedonian.  She later after her father’s death came to rule with her brother, who she married. Eventually she gained control and became sole ruler of Egypt as a Pharaoh.  But soon lost control to her husband (or Brother) after three years at the throne. Historical biographies of the Egyptian Queen suggest she claimed the throne by violence.

She later had a liaison with Julius Caesar the Roman Dictator and gave birth to his only son, Ceasarion. Cleopatra was a very political ambitious woman and the affair with Caesar was the biggest scandal of Rome in her day. She hoped that Caesar would name their child his heir because he had no other sons. But he did not claim him as his heir. When Caesar was later stabbed to death she fled back to Egypt to with her son and made him co-regent.

Cleopatra later had twins to a married man by the name of Marc Antony and once he left and came back to her she mothered another child leaving his wife and children behind in Rome. He spread the ownership of his land between her children, enraging the Romans. Their fate was sealed, after her mysterious suicide and his death their children were killed also, one of them by being strangled by their tutor and the other two are unknown. Egypt was never to have a Pharaoh again.

Cleopatra was a good and a bad leader of Egypt, besides her public affairs she was proud of her country and when Augustus Caesar asked for to hand over the throne she was so proud she committed suicide. Also people believe that Cleopatra was a bad leader because she allegedly brought the locusts to Egypt. I personally believe that she was a good ruler although she brought many bad things to her country because she was a proud woman and made the sacrifice of her life than rather give over the keys to her country to the romans.

– by Tia Farrell-Chalmers, 10ENG


18 thoughts on “Cleopatra

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  2. Great information, except for the part about Cleopatra and Antony’s twins. Both were recorded to have lived in Rome, until the boy disappeared/died. The girl was married to a man named Juba II. There are records of this as well.

  3. um, was Cleopatra a good ruler, i need it for a project, the living wax museum project. OH, and what virtues did Cleopatra show once she was a ruler, thank you so so so so much for answering! and please answer soon, my project is due tomorrow

  4. Cleopatra didn’t commit suicide because of how “proud she was”… That is totally false and one hundred percent made up. Cleopatra actually committed suicide because of how struck she was by Mark Antony’s death and she couldn’t bear to live without him. There’s actual proof for that… her and Antony’s tombs were directly beside each other. Make sure you think before you put random false facts on the internet.

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