Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is not a name readily talked about anymore, but to anyone who grew up during the 50’s and 60’s, he was an important man who shaped war during that time. Born in 1890 in a very well off family, Ho was brought up to, in some ways to always resist those who had a hold over Vietnam. His father and mother refused to learn French, but he himself was very educated, and was a teacher for some time. Before long, he realised that his heart lay elsewhere, and proceeded to travel to many countries, many communist, to learn different ways of life, and to see what his people were missing out on.

In 1945, Ho Chi Minh became the President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, a communist party that represented mostly the north of the country, and later Vietnam entirely. He had spent many years fighting against the French, and later the Japanese, in order to free his country; in turn, in 1945, independence was declared. This political power gave Ho fighting power, which allowed him to create the Vietminh, which was a guerrilla army. With both political and fighting power, and nearly an entire country behind him, Ho was a much loved part of everyone’s family.

For Vietnam, Ho was special as he was elected into power, something that had not been done for a very long time, maybe never. His biggest challenge was the Americans, who had previously supported Ho when Vietnam was ruled by France and later when they fought with Japan. However, the Americans did not see eye to eye when it come to the idea of a communist country, which resulted in the horrible, bloody American War. Vietnam did prevail, but only after their beloved leader was dead. Without Ho, Vietnam may still today have been used and abused by other countries, when millions of people suffering.

While Ho Chi Minh was not loved and adored by all Vietnamese, most still today refer to him as ‘uncle’, and his face can still be seen throughout the entire country. Although communism is a questionable form of government, Ho’s idea revolved around the necessity to free his people from those who had wrongly ruled them for so many years. He had no self interest, and personally put his life on the line many times to reach independence. And while there are arguments against his choice of political beliefs, no one can question his desire to help his people, the people of Vietnam. Ho only worked for good, and his work resulted in the freedom of Vietnam today.

– by Becca Edgar, 11ENG


20 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh

  1. Well, to be honest I knew nothing of this person! But I love the way you ended it, “Ho only worked for good, and his work resulted in the freedom of Vietnam today.”
    It leaves the reader really feeling good about this man and that he’s been successful in everything he did achieve.
    I really like this and personally think you did a great job!

    • Honestly, this was great. It helped me learn a lot about Ho Chi Minh, but respectively, you might want to also add in the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This trail was a road commonly used by the American soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War, but were also just as frequently blown to pieces by roadside bombs, or IEDs.

  2. there are a couple of contradictions in this text as it says the Americans attacked Vietnam because of Ho chi min’s communist actions and this led to suffering but then it says without him there would have been suffering today, can’t really have it both ways.

    • Communism is the antithesis of the human spirit, see free by allowing individual freedom. No person should ever live a slave to another, which is EXACTLY what communism does to all those under it’s iron-fisted rule. That truism is lost on those who believe in its Utopian promise.

      Kinda like Socialism gradually forced upon Americans by the Left/Statist Democrats.

  3. Guys, listen: this article about Ho Chi Minh is NOT true, and I know this because of my Vietnamese family, who lived in the time period when Ho Chi Minh was still living. Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the Viet Minh (Viet Congs, as they now say it), the group of Communist Soldiers who wanted to take over Vietnam, and eventually did in the Vietnam War. I am here to speak the truth. Millions of Vietnamese people had died under Ho Chi Minh, and even some of my relatives who fought in the Vietnam War had sacrificed themselves for freedom. And sadly, because of these untruthful articles of Ho Chi Minh, the people of Vietnam- even the whole world- have yet to know the real truth of Ho Chi Minh.

    • Regardless of what you said, Ho Chi Minh went out of his way to give Vietnamese people what they have been craving throughout their history, independence, which Vietnam fought really hard against countries like China, French, Mongols, Japanese and Americans for that and lives were obviously lost for that one cause even if there was collateral damage, it wouldn’t have been so devastating if outside influence didn’t interfere such as the Americans or Russians.
      Ho Chi Minh was really a true capable patriot unlike their lazy corrupted South Vietnamese counterparts who were well known to be corrupted throughout their officers and generals in the ARVN during the Vietnam War.
      Stop being so ignorantly one sided, the young Vietnamese generation of today are enjoying and living in a country proudly carved out by their grandparents free from outside oppression.due to their sacrifices and yet you South Vietnamese just sit here whinging about your ‘truth’ and labeling this man as ‘evil’ really sickens me, did your relatives seek ‘freedom’ as in the greater good for the whole of the Vietnamese people as Ho Chi Minh did? or was it wealth financial benefits from the Americans….?

      • The people that he murdered in South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia would disagree with you on that. He had no interest in freedom from outside oppression.

  4. I also agree, My family is Vietnamese we are the non-communist southern Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh and his army jailed my grandparents for fighting against communism. The US also worked with the south to defeat Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh took over all of Vietnam to become Communist Lead Party.

  5. That’s so very true. Many people’s lives were lost under the rule of Ho Chi Minh this was an evil leader that just wanted Vietnam for himself and his army. The Americans helped South Vietnam against Ho Chi Minh, my relatives were jailed and maybe even killed due to this ‘Only worked for good’ man. This is the truth and all you have read is a LIE!

    • Ok, but what about the 1.1 million NORTH Vietnamese that had died. Most of the fighters did not agree or care about Communism but only fought as a Viet Cong for independence. Without Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam may not be what it is today and may not even be independent. But through the many years of brutal and ugly war, look where we are today. And that is what Ho fought for.

  6. If you think communist is not bad and communist is free. Go and live under the communist for about 3-1/2 years as I’ve have. Then you will know.

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