Elizabeth Bathory

‘The most prolific female serial killer in history’

Elizabeth Bathory was born in 1560, into one of the oldest and wealthiest families inHungary, being the niece of Stefan Bathory, the King of Poland. Around the age of 5, Bathory began to have violent seizures which were caused by an unknown neurological disorder, which may have led to her gruesome behaviour later in life. As a child, she always had servants and peasants around her to fulfil her every whim, which gave her a feeling of power and control. As a teenagerElizabethwas very intelligent, and quickly became fluent in Hungarian, Latin and German.

Elizabeth married in 1575, aged 15, to Count Ferenc, and lived with him Castle Csejthe inHungary. Count Ferenc was a soldier, and would often be away for months at a time, and as a result, would often have affairs with some of the male peasants at the castle.Elizabethwas dissatisfied. Despite being surrounded by servants and being of the highest nobility in the land, she began to seek other ways to spend her time. Elizabeth and her old nurse began to find ways of torturing the servant girls in the castle grounds.

In 1600, Count Ferenc died, which was whenElizabeth’s true atrocities began. When a young servant girl was brushingElizabeth’s hair, she pulled the brush a little too hard, and in a blind rageElizabethsmacked her across the face so hard she drew blood. After washing her hand,Elizabethin her insanity believed that the patch of skin where the blood was looked whiter and creamier than the rest of her hand, and in her anxiety of losing her beauty, she believed she had found the secret to eternal youth.

Elizabeth began to hire maids and henchmen who would go about and abduct young girls to become servants at her castle. She would then kill the girls, and drain their blood into a vat, which she would bathe in daily. This went on for ten whole years, and it is believed that the castle was never searched in the time as people were intimidated by her level of nobility and her wealth. When the castle was finally raided in 1610, the governor found over 50 bodies in the castle alone, and another 30 in a cavern nearby where the vat of blood was kept. The death toll as a result ofElizabeth’s insanity and monstrous actions exceeded 650 girls. Elizabethwas locked up in a bricked-off section of her castle, and eventually died in 1614.

– by Charlie Mackie, 11ENG


20 thoughts on “Elizabeth Bathory

  1. Well written Charlie. Although it would be interesting to know whether or not bathing in blood actually did make her look younger (I’m guessing it doesn’t). I definately agree with you labelling her as “Mounstrous”.

  2. This makes me wonder about how someone can get away with killing innocent girls,yes you may be in power but no matter the wealth of your family you should think that they cant get away with countless murders. Was a very intresting peice Charlie.

  3. This girl got everything she wanted growing up. Really proves that objects can’t buy your happiness, she still needed something more to fillful her. Good piece Charlie 🙂

  4. This piece is something that really show’s the insight on how many unknown murder’s there where back in those days. I would love to of known if anybody had actually knoticed what was going on and if anybody tried to stand up against her (besides the raid)? Very intreging piece, great job!

  5. I cannot comprehend how this girl was fortunate enough to grow up in a loving family and had pretty much everything she wanted but yet she went too far and killed people thinking it would help her own beauty. I agree that Elizabeth is in the monstrous category, she was obviously not right in the head and killed people for her own benefit.

  6. This was a very intersting piece, clearly she had some serious issues. The piece of information you said “Elizabeth began to hire maids and henchmen who would go about and abduct young girls to become servants at her castle. She would then kill the girls, and drain their blood into a vat, which she would bathe in daily.” I found that so intersting, but highly disturbing. Very well done piece.

  7. this was a really good piece. she would have to have mental problems cause what she did is not normal at all. this should defifnately be in the monstorous catergory.

  8. This was an amazing piece, she was totally messed up. Although, it does sound like you were saying her husband was sleeping with the peasant males in the castle, not sure if that was right 😛
    Very good overall though!

  9. This piece gives us a great insight into the sadistic life of Elizabeth Bathory and how her fractured views really were ‘mostrous’ Well written.

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