An unusual unstoppable power.

Anonymous, first started in 2003 to attack internet sites that have been seen wrong by the members of the group. Anonymous attacks have stepped up since 2006, from when they first started by attacking social networking sites like Habbo hotel, to attacking the religious group scientology. Many “high power” people which have said things against Anonymous, or which have offended Anonymous, have had their emails and websites published on the internet which has ended up destroying many business.

The sort of power anonymous harnesses is that they can attack just any website on the Internet, they have hacked government websites with strong firewalls, so it is most people on the Internet. Teaming up with new freedom of information group Wiki leaks, helping the company release private information that they see as information everyone should know.

Anonymous hasn’t got there power from one single person but a group of people which have set up sophisticated, planed attacks on companies on people and business. The way Anonymous came about their power is un-explainable because it is just a group of Internet hackers working together.

Anonymous outcomes or achievements have come from hacking websites and releasing information or personal information. In February Aaron Barr from HBGary Federal lawyers said he had cracked Anonymous. This was a mistake because Anonymous went on to hack the websites main page and replace it with the message “Anonymous should not be messed with” and also 68,000 personal emails were posted. This put the company to a loss of $2,500,000. Anonymous uses their power for good by freedom of information and destroying many bad companies.

Anonymous really depends on which side of the fence you sit on, if the hacks are being done to you, you may think that the organization is corrupt, or in the opposite direction if its practice what you believe in then it is a good person and not corrupt and upholding the rights to freedom of information. They also have the power to affect people as you can see in the protest which are being held all over the world at the moment, Exposing company greed, because most of these members that started the peaceful protest were member of anonymous.

– by Liam McGarry, 11ENG


11 thoughts on “Anonymous

  1. Amazing piece on a interesting topic…this was well written and gave great insight into their noble and selfless cause. As a blogger myself i am honoured to read your piece. I hope to read more of your blogs.

  2. I think this is a good piece. These people can be thought of as good and bad but they could be used to stop other hackers from doing bad things.

  3. Nice piece , liam enjoyed reading it very un usual topic. this makes me wonder how many other people like this are out there.

  4. Very interesting topic Liam, it engaged me from the beggining. I would agree that the label for this group should be “Good”

  5. great piece, i really enjoyed this topic and would like to know what people they have hacked. i agree that this group can be seen as both good and bad

  6. Interesting response, this group might be doing it for a good cause but it makes me wonder how many people are out there hacking information about us just for their own good.

  7. That does not really answer my question but all in all good piece it has taught me more about anonymous! 3 *

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