Adolf Hitler

Hitler was a very smart but deceptive man his rise to power was more by force than being a favourite in Germany’s eyes until he convinced them to believe his beliefs. Hitler came to power by destabilising the German society by force with his gang of thugs. The German people were also at a very vulnerable point due to the world economic crisis which put thousands of Germans out of jobs. They thought they might end up back to the days of World War 2. Hitler took a prime opportunity by rallying the spirits of the Germans and telling them they could gain more power. With all Hitler’s inspirational speeches, the NAZI party gained a number of seats in the Reichstag but were still a minor party. The president at the time, Hindenburg, unknowing of Hitler’s plans, invited Hitler to become Chancellor because he would have rather Hitler as a friend than an enemy. When the President died in 1934, Hitler wasted no time in taking the Presidency for himself and the NAZI party. Hitler now had power over Germany to do whatever he pleased until the world later stepped in.

Sadly, most of what Hitler did was bad. His orders led to millions of deaths and nearly the determination of the Jewish race. Hitler rounded up all the Jews living in Germany, sent them to Concentration camps all around the country to work for nothing and live in horrible and un-humane conditions. These people were not treated like humans they were given barely any clothes for a cold winter, barely any food and very poor living conditions. Hitler’s intentions were to rid Germany of any imperfections and have a perfect race, everyone having Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Hitler’s actions were luckily stopped but while his actions were in place, they resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people just because they didn’t have blonde hair or blue eyes or just because one man thought that a certain race weren’t human but monsters.

Hitler showed many signs of being corrupt, trying to wipe out an entire race being one of them. In Hitler’s eyes his intentions were good, many Germans also believed that what Hitler was doing was good but the rest of the world thought that his actions were completely wrong and had to be stopped. Hitler was also motivated by his own self-interest because he craved power and wanted everyone to live like he wanted.

I think that, and many would agree with me when I say that Hitler is definitely monstrous due to the things he did during World War two and the horrible things that he did to the Jews just because of their race and was a very bad influence on the German society. Some of the Germans believed what he was saying so he did influence the German public into doing what he wanted and carrying out his plans for the Jews and the world.

– by Sam Hicks, 11ENG



35 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler

  1. That was very good Samuel, I agree with the category you put Hitler in. He is a very monstrous person and what he did to all those jewish people was horrible. Thanks for sharing this beautiful but sad bit of information 🙂

    • Hitler was the fruit. The seed was planted during W W l. During the trench warfare of first world war the Germans were loosing but very slowly so and tenaciously holding on. One bight man, whose name I have forgotten, conferred with the Germans. Thus he argued: Hundreds of thousands of people are getting killed from both sides. You are going to ultimately loose any way. Let’s stop this insanity. You can go back to your prewar boarders, keep your colonies in Africa, and no war reparations will be assessed against you.. Agreement was reached, the Germans stopped fighting and went back to their borders. At signing the famous treaty of Versailles, the french reneged. Americans and Brits went along. The proud Germans were reduced to poverty and humiliation. That was the seed that was planted. Hitler used the Treaty of Versailles as a political platform. If any one of you were a German at that time, chances are you would have like so many others, worshiped Hitler! It is very easy to point to the evil that was Hitler, but who is willing to fess up to having planted the seed?

      • yess i really agree with you james……… is really the situations that came to make up a man like Hitler………..most of us figure Hitler as devil………..but no one used to look through his good sides!!

        • That does not make any sense at all. Hitler was a person that did very amazing and great things, but also terrible things. Such as killing about 6 million Jews.

          p.s. Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler killed Jews, but no one talks about that.

          • Because of the fact that Stalin was on the Allies side of the war and the Allies did not want any negative talk to disrupt public support of the war.

  2. Well said there master Hicks, Hilter was certainly a definite monster. I agree with your point of view on this issue discussed, that is Hilter was pure evil! Jews should be treated equal with all other religions.

  3. Very good piece Hicks, definitely agree with him being monstrous, as his actions led to many people’s deaths, with him doing what he wanted and being really selfish.

  4. Amazing piece. I have always found Hitler and The Holocaust a very disturbing but also highly intersting topic. I have no idea how anyone could ever believe and be convinced that exterminating the whole jewish race etc could be a good idea it just show’s how much power and influence he had on others a lot of it based on fear aswell i’m sure. I couldn’t agree more that you put this in the catagory of “The Monstrous”

    • thats sad that a mass murderer would be anyones hero. i dont think you would be saying this if you truly understood the extent of his evil twisted plan.

    • joe, do you even fully know what horrible things HItler did? After you get your history right, you wouldn’t dare say that again in front of everyone

  5. you clearly did not study history, learn the truth of the whys and hows of Hitlers Germany, then give a personal opinion. this just reads as “HITLER WAS A VERY BAD MAN” the country were suffering from economic depression, the treaty of Versailles hit Germany very hard after ww1 their industry collapsed,people were homeless jobless starving, these all turned the people to the Nazi party.
    there was no mention of anything Hitler did for the country both positive or negative other then the gassing of the Jews. (Hitler is not the only person guilty of this… Saddam Hussein anyone) Hitler reduced crime, drink driving, brought in animal rights, woman’s rights in Germany, brought in laws to protect the environment, anti-smoking and drinking laws, paid vacations to workers he created the V.W company and much of Germany’s industry learn the real history first.

  6. Your report is too nice to Hitler, he didn’t just kill 6 million Jews. He tortured them, he slowly killed them, made them kill each other, killed with horrible horrible means. treated his prisoners like animals. Yes his murders are the same as the killings that go on today in smaller numbers. Saying he killed 6 million Jews is empty of the terror, the number is too large to imagine. What about the other people he killed? the others who starved and saw their families wiped out? The others who were corrupted by his power, their need to stay alive and the total cost to the world. How many soldiers died fighting Hitler?

  7. Hilter was a bad person but he was also a good leader though. Name another person that can get an entire army to do what you want even if its bad and get the country to believe you.

  8. Hitler did not realise he was the monster himself. He could have been a great man, but instead, became THIS. The jew’s did nothing to deserve this

  9. The truth about hitter would be clear if people ON BOTH SIDES would be opened minded that hurler was both brilliant and monstrous……but that will never happen

  10. This is a very poorly written article. “determination of the Jews” ?? really? Wtf are you talking about?
    Those camps the Jews were put into were WORK camps and they were well treated. After all they wanted them to do good work, don’t you think.
    Now then, use your brain for a few minutes. You seem to be saying that Hitler wanted to “do away with an entire race”…..well now, if that was really the case, he sure spent a lot of time, money and manpower on it. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just encircle their neighborhood, set fire to it and shoot anything that moved? Or he could have done as Eisenhower did with the German POW’s after the war – fence them in – no housing, no shelter of any kind, and very little if any food, thus starving them, .Why feed and house people that you are planning to kill off? THINK people, THINK!! USE YOUR BRAINS!!

    • Yeah you didn’t say enything about what he did ahíle he Washington in power and i personaly think that it’s better to list the things that he did rather that have big paragraph because then we can just scane and get the info that we want

  11. I’m just kiding this was very informational and i hate eh en my divice tries to correct me thats why the words are wrong

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