Adolf Hitler

Hitler reigned supreme over Germany, with Von Hindenburg’s death 6 months after he appointed Hitler Chancellor Hitler was able to do what he please as the German president. Hitler made the Nazi party the only legal party, the cause of this move meant Hitler was Germany, and he done it all legally through the system. With the death and the presidency he also gained control of the German army.

It all started in September and October 1930, when Hitler appeared as a major defence witness at the trial of two Reichswehr officers who had been charged with membership of the Nazi party, which at this time was forbidden to Reichswehr officers. The officers had admitted quite openly to their membership in the Nazi party, their defence was that the Nazi party should not be forbidden to Reichswehr officers. Hitler was brought to the stand to attempt to prove that the Nazi party was a law-abiding party. Hitler insisted that his party was determined to come to power legally, stating that his party was a friend to the Reichswehr. This testimony won Hitler many fans within the ranks of the officer corps.

Towards the end of 1930, when the great depression hit Germany, with all the problems and issues going on in the German government the Nazi party suddenly rose from absolutely nothing to win 18.3% of the votes along with 107 seats. With this they rose from the ninth-smallest party in the chamber to the second Largest.

The Nazi party teamed up with some leading German businessmen and international bankers who would financially support the Nazi party who after heavy campaigning was on the brink of bankruptcy. These businessmen wrote letters to Paul von Hindenburg (German President at the time), urging him to appoint Hitler leader of a Government, that was independent from parliamentary parties. This would end up turning into a movement that affected millions of people.

His first act as president was to get Germany back economically. Then as the military and the industry were behind him. He eliminated mass unemployment too then capture the minds and imaginations of everyone. All of Germany was now behind him.  He made it look like he was using his power for good but what the world did not know was that it had monstrous consequences. The supreme court declared allegiance to Hitler, not Germany. With this power, anyone who opposed him, he sent straight to the concentration camp. Using his power he led the German people to believe that all Jewish people were evil, so the horrible things he was doing were not frowned upon. People who knew it was wrong were too scared to speak up.

Hitler was corrupt. He had evil and selfish intentions, he was self motivated by greed, cruelty, power, anger and self interest. Hitler was a power player who unquestionably wielded his power for ill. He exercised his power for his own whims and gains, in the process he caused horrible harm to others.

– by Jordan Drew, 11ENG


2 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler

  1. Okay, but this is a really informative piece and I quite like the way it was written, also definitely makes me agree that this man was monstrous!

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